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Made by Scavenger Rope Dog Lead Purple/Blue
Made by Scavenger Rope Dog Lead Purple/Blue
Made by Scavenger Rope Dog Lead Purple/Blue
Made by Scavenger Rope Dog Lead Purple/Blue

Made by Scavenger Rope Dog Lead Purple/Blue

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A very strong rope dog lead for the well and not so well behaved canine! These dog leads are made from recycled climbing rope with a figure 8 knot and a solid cast scissor trigger hook.

  • Made for 100% recycled materials, using pre-loved climbing ropes.  My doggy friends and family all love recycled stuff as it's better for the environment.
  • They are super strong and durable because they are made out of climbing rope so they are unbreakable.  Even my sister Bernie (who pulls like mad on her lead) can't break it.
  • Our Made by Scavenger rope Dog leads are available in lengths of:
    • Small - 100cm
    • Medium - 125cm
    • Large - 150cm
  • Designed and manufactured in the Sheffield, UK - again, much better carbon footprint which we love for our humans and because we are based in Sheffield too, we can pop in for treats anytime we like
  • Features a super strong figure of 8 knots and a solid cast scissor trigger hook which are extremely strong resistant to any type of weather condition
  • Vibrant colours - perfect for that mismatched look with our colourful collars

    The word (from the park) from our Made By Scavenger supplier:-

    As a society, we've learnt to design and manufacture amazing products and materials at a mind-blowing rate and we often throw away things that still have plenty of life left.  Climbing equipment is an integral part of rock climbing, helping people stay safe on the most epic adventures in the outdoors. Eventually, this equipment becomes unsafe to use and often ends up retired and forgotten in the lofts and sheds of climbers across the world. After all its hard work, we believe this gear deserves a happy retirement. At Scavenger our passion lies in exploring ways to reuse these materials to their full potential. Our Dog Collar & Lead range of products is designed to give this equipment a new purpose in life and a chance for people to take it on more adventures.  With this in mind we've set up collection points in many of the climbing centres across the UK for climbers can donate their old gear.