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About Us

Paw Products About Us Lilly CDO

Words from Lilly CED – Chief Executive Dog

My name is Lilly, a very pretty ‘working’ cocker spaniel. I’m not boasting about being pretty – this is what everyone tells me and I’m not kidding about ‘working’ – I work very hard as the proud founder of (and Chief Executive Dog at) Paw Products.  

Previous Experience

My human (and business pawtner), Nicola is a very clever entrepreneur and has been in business for over 12 years.  She developed her first business www.waxxunderwear.co.uk at 18 and has since set up lots of different companies including Temporary Events, Hot Tubz World, Elite Swim & Elite Apparel.  I let her join me in developing the first few items of Paw Products by bringing 3 products to market via eBay. 

Social Media & Community

As well as playing with balls, Frisbees and sticks, I love being sociable with other animals. So I have set up an Instagram and Facebook account to connect with other pet communities and groups, pet care centres, dog walking groups and other pet related activities.  I really want to find out what new products everyone would like and bring these products to their doggy friends and their humans. 

Paw Products HQ

Our Head office is based In Chesterfield, UK and I work with a young expanding team of dedicated humans and dogs. 

Unit 1 Smeckley Wood Close
Sheepbridge Trading Estate
S41 9PZ

We are constantly trying to improve what we do at Paw Products so here are some other ideas we have.  .

  • Whistles to bring my silly sister back when she runs off
  • Balls that never get lost (just joking – woof, woof, woof)
  • Thicker quality poo bags – for some reason humans don’t like poo on their hands!
  • Great new design of collars and leads

However, we would love to hear your ideas for great products and we’ll try to find them for you