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Top 5 amazing Facts about us Canine, Four-Legged, Man-Loving Creatures.

A dog is a man’s best friend and we all love our humans so for this month’s blog I thought I’d tell you my top 5 amazing facts about us canine, four-legged, man-loving creatures.  Our humans will treasure these.  But first let’s start with a joke: How can a human tell whether their partner loves them more than their dog. Get them to lock their partner in a car boot with their dog, drive around for an hour, open the car boot, and see which one is more pleased to see them 🐶😂


Fact 1)  Even though our humans love us, they don’t lick our faces, sniff our bums or expect us to pick up their poo. However, according to the American Pet Product Association, they do let us sleep in their beds. 45% of dogs are allowed up for a night’s sleep!   Better have a word with my owners as these days (due in part, I expect, to the arrival or another tiny human) we’re only allowed up for a cuddle on weekend mornings now!


Fact 2) Our humans usually only have wet noses when they have a cold, but we have wet noses all the time. This is because us dogs secrete a thin layer of mucous which absorbs scent. We then lick our noses to sample the scent through our mouths - clever eh?  Maybe humans should lick their noses when they have colds to save using all those tissues.  And it would save the rainforests too!  


Fact 3) Three dogs actually survived the sinking of the Titanic! After being in the water all that time they would certainly have needed one of our dog bags to dry them, keep them warm and stop all that salty sea water getting in the rescue boat. Pity Microfibre wasn’t invented back in the day! (I would like to point out that NO cats survived the sinking – which just goes to prove that humans LOVE US much better than our furry friends)!


Fact 4) Do you know that Paul McCartney (of the Beatles) wrote a song called ‘A Day in the Life’ that has an ultrasonic whistle that only dogs can hear. He did this for his pet Sheepdog – woof, woof - how cute. I definitely want to hear that track now!  It’s at the very end of the record so listen-up right until the finish! 


Fact 5) I know humans have conquered the world but we are so much cleverer than you in some ways. For example, did you know that our ears have more than 12 separate muscles that allow us to move them in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways? Not surprisingly we have extremely expressive ears and it can change the total look of our face plus we can turn them inside out whenever we want. I’ve never seen a human with ears that can do anything that spectacular!  

So, I bet you’re astounded by these facts!  However, I’m sure there must be more amazing things about us beautiful canine creatures and we’d be really interested to hear your unusual and interesting facts.  Please comment below or tag us on social media (Instagram | Facebook) and the dog fact entry I find the most interesting will receive one of our fantastic Microfibre dog bags as a prize.  

Also, please feel free to share with humans who you think might like my blog. We are a small business and really appreciate your help in building out little brand. Woof!!


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