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Doggie furriendly days out in the UK

So last month I regaled you all with my five favourite interesting dog facts.  This month, with it being Summer and all, I thought I’d share with you my five pawfect doggy days out. These aren’t just the days out that us four-legged friends get dragged along too (although I’m not complaining – I love going ANYWHERE with my humans) but they are specifically themed to be attended by and enjoyed by us furry lot.

Day Out No 1  - The Bakewell Loop 

The Monsal Trail in Bakewell, DerbyshireAs I live in Sheffield, the first favourite day out for me has got to be in Derbyshire – so close to my doorstep.  There are many fantastic places that you can run, swim and chase balls but my favourite has got to be the Bakewell Loop. This walk incorporates the Monsal Trail – one of the first long walks I ever took off my lead with my humans (I was only a 4-month-old puppy).  It was also the first time I encountered humans eating on a blanket on the grass and (much to my embarrassment now) I stole a tomato from their picnic!  It wasn’t clever and I got a HUGE telling off, but it taught me a very valuable lesson; if you’re going to steal something, my canine friends, make it something tasty like a piece of ham or a pork pie – tomatoes are definitely for humans!  With amazing views of the countryside, the beautiful river Wye (which is fantastic for swimming) and the abundance of dog-friendly pubs and cafes, your humans will enjoy it too. Here is a link to some of the other dog-friendly things to do in the gorgeous Peak National Park https://www.dogfriendlypeakdistrict.co.uk/2014/08/10/12-things-to-do-with-your-dog-in-the-peak-district/

Day Out No 2 – The Brandling Villa at Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The Brandling Villa, Newcastle

A bit further afield for us but still ‘up North’ this is somewhere my humans and I would LOVE to try out. Although a lot of pubs are now dog-friendly, this amazing pub goes the whole dog!  https://www.brandlingvilla.com/ This pawfect place puts pooches on a par with humans, with our very own dedicated food and drink menu, serving up Sunday roasts (compete with Yorkshire puds and dog-friendly beef gravy), sausage and egg breakfast bowls, and pig’s ear tacos. Us mutts can even wash it all down with a Snuffle Dog Beer, but for dogs who are driving, freshwater is also available. I SWEAR that’s my sister Bernie!

If you can’t make it to Brandling Villa, but fancy a pub lunch (or your humans fancy a pint) a good website to find out which pubs are dog-friendly is doggiepubs.org.uk

Day Out No 3 – The Dingle Nature Reserve, Llangefni, Anglesey. 

The Dingle Nature Reserve, Llangefni, AnglseyWe go to Anglesey in North Wales every year for a few days rest and relaxation, but we do so much ball chasing, walking on the beach and swimming in the sea, it’s not actually that restful, or relaxing!!  The Dingle Nature Reserve is home to a variety of wildlife and much of the ancient woodland is a carpet of bluebells in Spring.  There’s also water if you fancy a quick dip.   At the reserve, there is some of the finest scenery in the UK.  Just paws along your journey and enjoy the spectacular views with your humans, but  NO CHASING THE SQUIRRELS.  Find out more information about the reserve here  https://www.visitanglesey.co.uk/en/things-to-do/activities/dingle-local-nature-reserve/#.XM7jBxRKiUk Or if you fancy something else,  Wales is fabulous for dogs and even has its own dog-friendly website.  https://friendsofanimalswales.org.uk/ and lots of dog-friendly places to stay https://www.caninecottages.co.uk/guides/dog-friendly-wales (I swear the dog on this homepage looks exactly like me!)

Day Out No 4 – A day at the beach in Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk

Wells Next To The Sea, Norfolk(the opposite side of the UK to Wales!)  One my favourite days out is on a dog-friendly beach and swimming in the sea. This beautiful stretch of Norfolk Coastline is spectacular and also hosts The Beach Café.  This fantastic Café is a winner of the Kennel Club’s ‘Be Friendly Dog Award’ because they provide as warm a welcome to their doggy friends as to humans.  They have freshwater, a Dog of the Year competition, a Wash n Wag dog booth and lots of lovely doggie treats. 

Day Out No 5  - Pet Detective Doggy Treasure Hunt, Winchester, Hampshire.

Dog Treasure HuntAlthough I don’t like to boast, my humans say that working cocker spaniels (that’s me!) are one of the cleverest dog breeds around so I would highly recommend this fabulous day out to get that old grey matter working.  Never mind Sherlock Homes solving the mystery of the Hound of the Baskervilles – after you’ve been on this fun-filled, crime-solving, mystery-revealing day out, you will be able to solve puzzles yourself.  Visit https://www.dogfriendlytogether.co.uk/detail.php?id=11931 for more information.

So, as a Spaniel, the only thing I love more than my ball is a good swim in the water so all these places have water, or are close to rivers, so please don’t forget to take along one of our microfibre dog bags to keep you warm, clean and dry and keep your humans happy (no dirty, smelly, wet car!)

If you think we have missed out one of your favourite places please do let us know by commenting below. We really love to discover new places to go and we also like to share these with all our followers. 


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